Presbyopia Management

Presbyopia Management

Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyond, Presbyopic LASIK and PresbyLASIK, are all terms given for a revolutionary refractive surgery procedure designed to address presbyopia, a common, age-related condition that affects near vision. Other procedures, such allotex are in the horizon to address correction of presbyopia. The following are some details of the procedures.




Presbyopia is a natural age-related condition that affects eyes’ ability to focus on near objects or texts. Presbyond/PresbyLASIK/SILK are advanced laser eye surgery techniques specifically designed to get around and address presbyopia. Presbyond combines the benefits of LASIK and advanced LASER technology to restore near vision in one eye while maintaining distance vision in the other. Your brain gets used to using the eyes to do different tasks for near and distance over time, hence reducing and, for most, eliminating the need for reading glasses.


How does Presbyond work?

During the procedure, Presbyond uses an excimer laser to shape the dominant eye for distance vision and the non-dominant eye for near vision.